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Wilson 400 Ultra Low Loss Coaxial Cable

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  • Ultra low loss - approximately 4db per 100 ft. of cable.
  • 40% lighter and more flexible than 9913 cable
  • N/Male connections
  • Weatherproof heat shrunk and tested
  • Suitable to use with Antennas (e.g. Yagi) and Cell Phone Amplifiers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
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> Product Overview

Wilson 400 ultra low loss cables have many uses in cellular amplifier systems as they allow extension of different parts of the system without preventatively attenuating the signal. They can be connected between a cell phone amplifier and an external antenna or between an amplifier and an internal antenna. The extension between the various components of a cellular amplifier system is important because if these parts are too close this could prevent operation of your cell phone amplifier. The Wilson 400 cables have N/Male connectors at both ends, which connect to N/Female receptors e.g. Wilson Yagi Antennas and Wilson Cell Phone Amplifiers. If you require the cable to connect to other types of receptors e.g. for other Amplifiers, then there are adapters available which can accomplish this for you. Give us a call on 1-800-761-3041 and we can find the right cable/adapter configuration for you.


The Wilson 400 ultra low loss cables come in many different sizes. To select the correct cable length for your situation, we would advise you to consider how much separation you require in your cell phone repeater system. Also, in general, using more cable than is needed should be avoided as it will cause unnecessary attenuation in your repeater system.

The standard Wilson 400 cable is black

If you prefer, we also stock lengths of white cable

For more info click here: How much cable does my cellular repeater system need?


> Technical Specifications

Product Reference Black
2ft - 952302, 10ft - 952310, 20ft - 952320, 30ft - 952330, 50ft - 952350, 75ft - 952375, 100ft - 952300
2ft - 952402, 10ft - 952410, 20ft - 952420, 30ft - 952430, 50ft - 952450, 75ft - 952475, 100ft - 952400
Cable Diameter 1/2''
Connector type N/Male
Weight 6.8lbs per 100ft
Connector diameter 3/4''
Cable Loss
(800/850Mhz band)

~ 3.8db per 100 ft.

Length   Loss / dB
2 ft. 0.1
10 ft. 0.4
20 ft. 0.8
30 ft. 1.1
50 ft. 1.9
75 ft. 2.9
100 ft. 3.8


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