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Wilson 859923 6V Hardwire Power Supply

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  • Hardwire 6V DC adapter.
  • For use with the 801201 In-Car Repeater only.
  • Allows amplifier to be installed permanently in the vehicle
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

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> Product Overview

This is a 6V hardwire power supply for use with the 801201 In-Car Amplifier. For hardwire kits for all other Wilson amplifiers please see the 12V Hardwire Adapter). This allows Wilson amplifiers to be installed in the vehicle permanently, no longer requiring the cigarette lighter for power. This also allows the amplifier to be installed more discretely under the passenger seat.

> Technical Specifications

Product Reference 859923
Power 6V DC

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In Car <b>Hardwire Power Supply</b> for Wilson Amps

In Car Hardwire Power Supply for Wilson Amps

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