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Wilson "SignalBoost" Dual Band Repeater

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The SignalBoost amplifier kit contains everything needed to increase your cell phone reception including an externally mounted antenna and dual band amplifier.

  • Direct Connect - There is a wired connection to your phone or data cards using a universal connector.
  • Full Kit - Contains everything you need to improve your cell reception.
  • Dual Band - Works with all cellular networks other than Nextel
  • Portable - Can be used in a vehicle or in home/office
  • No technical experience required for installation
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

See below for more product details.


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Amplifier only - see below for full repeater kits



> Product Overview

The 811210 Wilson SignalBoost is a direct-connect kit designed for in-vehicle use. The kit is dual band, as so provides voice and data improvements to all US networks except Nextel.

One of the greatest strengths of the SignalBoost is the ease of use and versatility: It is simple to set up with a universal connector that will work with all mobile phones (no need to search for hard to find adapters); It is portable enough to take with you and install in your vehicle if required, but is also suitable to use at home.

The amplifier is available individually, or as a complete kit.

Kit details:
The 811210 SignalBoost is a direct-connect dual band amplifier, which covers all US networks (except Nextel) and 3G data. The amplifier is powered by an included in-car 12V cigarette charger. For a more permanent installation, you can use the 12V hardwire adapter. It can also be powered by the Wilson 12V AC supply.

The kits come with external antennas - 4" or 12". The antennas mount to any metal surface, and the 12" has a spring to prevent antenna damage. The antennas come with a 10ft cable that connects to the SignalBoost amplifier.

The last kit comes with the Wilson Cell Phone Cradle Plus (301146), a versatile car cradle with a built-in antenna. Using the cradle not only extends cellular range and provides better coverage, but it allows drivers to keep both hands on the wheel when using their cell phones, greatly increasing safety. The cradle can fit any cellular phone, and when the phone is docked supports any hands-free device, including ear-buds and Bluetooth products. The cradle also has a broadcast antenna, which rebroadcasts the boosted signal around the vehicle, supporting many wireless users at once.

>Kit / Compatibility

Purchase the amplifier only. This does not include any antennas or cables.


This kit includes the SignalBoost in-car repeater kit, but without the external antenna. This allows you to use an existing antenna, or use on of the other antennas on our site.

Kit contents

Full kit with 4" magnetic mount antenna.


This kit is a complete in-car repeater kit. The 811210 amplifier is packaged with the 301113 4" magnetic mount antenna. This antenna has 2-3dB of gain, and at only 4" tall has a low profile and is easy to install. If you are in very low signal situations, then we would recommend the kit with the 301103 12" antenna.

Kit contents

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Full kit with 12" magnetic mount antenna.


This kit is a complete in-car repeater kit. The 811210 amplifier is packaged with the 301103 12" magnetic mount antenna. This antenna has 5-6dB of gain for superior signal reception. The antenna is spring mounted to reduce impact damage.

Kit contents

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Full kit with 12" magnetic mount antenna and phone cradle.

For a full SignalBoost kit with 12" antenna and phone cradle please see this page.

Wilson 801213 Vehicle Amplifier

> Want to customize your repeater kit?

Call us and we can build you a repeater kit that is tailored to your needs. Options include upgrading the antennas, adding extra antennas, signal splitters, lightening surge protectors or extension cables.

1 (800) 761-3041

> Technical Specifications

Product Reference 811210
Frequency: US PCS 1900 MHz Band
Uplink: 1850 - 1910 MHz
Downlink: 1930 - 1990 MHz

US Cellular 800/850 MHz Band
Uplink: 824 - 849 MHz
Downlink: 869 - 894 MHz

Gain (up/down): Cell Site Controlled
Max Output Power: 3 Watts
Noise Figure (down): 3.5dB Nominal
Flatness: +/- 2dB
Isolation: > 50dB
Power Consumption: 12V, 2A max
Connectors: FME Male, 50 Ohms
Dimensions: 5 * 3.5 * 1.2 (inch)
Weight: 1.03 lbs

> User Reviews

The Wilson SignalBoost 811210 Amplifier has been used at my office desk, at my home and in my vehicle. Overall the Wilson Signalboost has been an impressive amplifier given the low price. The Signalboost appears to be the cheapest fully fledged amplifier on the market from what I gather. Inevitably it is 'direct connect' but with the universal adapter, this is not really a drawback for the Signalboost amplifier. The Wilson Signalboost amplifier works great with my laptop data card also.

- David, MN

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Accessories >
<b>12V AC Adapter</b> for Wilson Amplifiers

12V AC Adapter for Wilson Amplifiers

In Car <b>Hardwire Power Supply</b> for Wilson Amps

In Car Hardwire Power Supply for Wilson Amps

4" Dual Band Magnetic Mount Antenna

4" Dual Band Magnetic Mount Antenna

Wilson <b> Dual Band Magnetic Mount</b> Antenna

Wilson Dual Band Magnetic Mount Antenna

Product Resources >
PDF   Installation Manual
PDF   Antenna Installation
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