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Crunch Gear

November 16th 2006<

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I am not one to write reviews but in the case of the zBoost YX545 case I had to. The difference in signal was so dramatic I was stunned. I recently switched from an iphone on AT&T to a Droid X on Verizon. With the iphone in my office I always had 4 to 5 bars but like many people I would drop calls frequently. I am not an iphone or AT&T hater but just needed to make a switch. I heard great things about Verizon's network and huge 3G coverage so I decided to give it a try. It works great, I have 3g all over the State, pretty much, and have only had random dropped calls. 3-4 on Verizon in the last 3 weeks from 4-8 on AT&T every day.

Everything was great on Verizon except in my office where I spend 50% of my work time at. I had 0-1 bar and would roam on US Cellular most of the time. I am located in a decent sized market and our office is right in the middle of town. That being said the AT&T tower was 1/4 mile directly outside my window, I can see the antenna clear as day from there. The Verizon tower is the opposite direction and has to get through my entire building until it gets to my office.

I was devastated and returned two different Verizon Droid devices before temporarily returning to AT&T for a couple weeks. I decided to give it one more try and re-bought the Droid X and bought the zBoost SOHO YX545 and did a temporary installation outside my window with the antenna mounted just above the roof line. WOW, what a difference, I maxed out my bars immediately and if you understand signal strength I went from -102dBm at best to between -66dBm and -72dBm. That folks is as good as it gets.

- Madtowncleaner
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This is my first time submitting a review for a product and I am only doing so because of how satisfied I am with the zBoost YX545 cellular extender. I work from a home office located in the lower level of my home and the company I work for only supplies me with a cell phone, no LAN connection. For the times that I am not able to use my personal home phone line I am forced to use my cell phone for making work calls. The signal on my device was only 1-2 bars when leaning towards the window in my office. If I moved around in the office or even turned my head I would often drop calls or my device would try to lock in on a lower frequency and cause the line to emit weird sounds. I was a little hesitant to shell out $300 for a booster but can honestly say this device works as described, and I am completely satisfied. The key to success is that the remote antenna has to be positioned in a place that obtains an acceptable signal. I just went outdoors with my cell phone and found where I could get the best signal on the phone. I then mounted the antenna close to this location and then positioned the receiver in the lower level of my home near my office. I now get 4-5 bars on my phone in places that I got none. Great product, now I just need to figure out how to get my boss to pay for it!

- Fire Chief
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I've got a 2500 square foot split-level house. Cell phone tower is only a few miles away, but behind a ridge, so we've never been able to get a reliable signal in the house. Standing on the roof my phone would register 2-3 bars at best. I mounted the zBoost YX545 antenna to the same mast as my television antenna. I then ran about 100 ft standard RG6 quad-shield coax cable through a grounding block, into the house, through the crawlspace, and into an interior closet where I mounted the base station. Plugged it in, and now I have a reliable signal everywhere in the house (5 bars in the rooms near the base station, 3-4 further away). The coax cable included in the package was too short and low quality for my needs, but for a very simple install it might be sufficient.

- Ehran W
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Great product, definitely works as advertised. I picked this up for my cottage in northern Quebec, Canada. Cell signal was 1 bar or less and very flaky connections. After installation, averaged 1 to 3 bars and if I stood next to the base unit, I got 5 bars!! Incredible. Works with my installation for Bell Mobility, not sure it would work for Roger's though. Suggest you check before buying. Thanks Dave

- Dave, Toronto Canada
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I own a raised ranch house and only had reception at one end of the home. I bought the zBoost YX545 and placed the antenna and the unit in the attic at oppisite ends of the home and now I have full bars through out the home including the basement where I had no signal before. Even though the instructions state 15 feet vertical seperation mine works fine with the 35 foot horizontal separation. I am more then just pleased with the results.

- Frank, Unspecified
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