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Differences between the bands

In the United States cellular frequencies are split into 2 different frequency bands. Cellular frequencies in the 824-894 MHz range are known as cellular frequencies (CEL), whereas the 1850-1990 MHz range is called the Personal Communications Service (PCS). The Cellular band is often called the 800MHz band, and the PCS band is called the 1900MHz band.

To find out which frequency band your phone is on, select your network from the list above. In most cases your cell company will only be using one frequency in your area, and so you will only need to buy a single band cell repeater. The exceptions are if you need to improve signal on 2 different networks, or if you wish to improve both voice and broadband data signal. Most cell companies make use of one frequency band for voice and the other for data. In this case, you will need a dual band repeater.

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