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Sprint PCS uses CDMA technology with a 1900 MHz frequency. This applies to both their voice coverage and their EVDO broadband service. In general, 1900 MHz (or dual band) repeaters can be used with the Sprint PCS network to improve cellular reception and EVDO coverage.


The Sprint PCS network has also made some national and regional CDMA roaming partnerships in an effort to extend their coverage area. If your phone is in one of these roaming modes, then it is subject to the specifications of a different cellular network and may as a result be using an 800 MHz signal. If this is the case, your phone should be displaying a roaming icon. Note: If your phone is roaming it may be using either the 800 or 1900 MHz frequency band.

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More Information

Sprint PCS Coverage Map

Sprint operate a coverage map on their website: Sprint Nationwide Coverage Map

Dark Green areas mark the Sprint PCS native 1900 MHz coverage. In orange areas, Sprint PCS also operate their EVDO broadband data services.


Wireless Advisor

The wireless advisor website is a good source of information on wireless issues. If you visit this website and enter your ZIP code, it will provide information about the frequency each network provider uses in your area. This will help you determine which frequency repeater that you require. Please note, however, that this website only tells you which frequency a network is licensed to be used, not which frequency is actually used. For example, a network may hold a license to use both 800 and 1900 MHz frequency bands in a certain area, but may in actual fact use only the 800 MHz frequency. Having said that, if you find that a network has licensed just one frequency band in your area, then you can be almost certain that this is indeed the frequency that is being used.

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Contact your Network

If you can get in contact with a Sprint PCS employee who knows about their network coverage, this is potentially a useful way of determining which frequency your network operates in your area.


Dual Band Repeaters

A dual band repeater will operate on both the 800 and 1900 MHz frequency bands and therefore there is no need to determine which frequency your network is using in your area. This can also be useful if you have multiple users who use different network providers that happen to operate on different frequencies. Try the following dual band repeaters:

Dual band repeater kits for Sprint and Sprint roaming coverage



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