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We've helped over 15,000 customers improve signal in buildings, homes and vehicles since 2007.

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Large building?

We've designed and installed custom repeater systems for buildings of up to 250,000 sq ft., including hundreds of offices, warehouses, and hospitals.

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Looking to cover a building larger than 5,000 square feet?

We’ve helped over 15,000 customers improve their signal. Whether it’s a family home or a 100,000+ sq ft office complex, we’ve seen it all.

Let our signal engineers handle the hard work for you and design a custom kit to match your needs.

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Our Process:

Discuss with our engineers + site survey (optional)

We’ll call you and discuss your requirements, and optionally arrange an installer to come out and perform a site survey.

We design a repeater kit

Our engineers design a repeater system customized for your building and needs.

Design and installation

We deliver the product and (optionally) arrange an installer to come and conduct the installation.

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Large Buildings

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In a large building or office? We can arrange a professional installer to help get you set up.

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How a cell phone booster works

how a cell phone booster works

1 - Outdoor antenna

The outdoor antenna receives and transmits signal to nearby cellphone towers. Outdoor antennas be either directional or omni-directional.

2 - Cellular amplifier

The amplifier (or "repeater") boosts the signal coming and from and going to the cell phone tower. The "gain" of the amplifier describes how strong the amplification is - you'll see that word scattered across our product pages.

3 - Indoor antenna

The indoor antenna rebroadcasts the signal inside the building. Some kits have more than one indoor antenna to help distribute the signal.

Customer testimonials

"Thanks for your great customer service and commitment to getting my repeater kit installed and working correctly. You deserve the excellent reputation you have with your customers." - Charles Wicker, Sherwood Farm Group

"I set it up my repeater kit here in East Texas this weekend. After hooking everything up I instantly had 4 out of 5 bars. Previously with just the phone I was getting 1 bar inside & a flickering 2 bars outside with frequent dropped calls." - Jay Davis, HTJ Consultants.

"RepeaterStore's signal experts were very knowledgeable and helped me pick out the right antenna and I'm now getting double the download speed on my Verizon data card. I went from 1-2 bars of shaky signal to consistent four bars, and my download speeds have increased from a range of from 200 to 800 kbps. The fast and free shipping was wonderful - I recommend them highly." - Jim Martin