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How your phone tracks your every move

  How your phone tracks your every move To limit tracking: Turn off WiFi & Bluetooth when not in use Limit which applications can access your data Turn off phone or leave it behind when you really don't want to be tracked  

Evolution of Mobile Telephones

Our cell phones have gone from large bricks to pocket size and then up in scale to make way for large screens. An ideal mobile phone is equipped with a big screen but pocket-size does not make sense physically. But with Apple Watch as an accessory, your cell phone does not need to be completely near by.  

RootMetrics 2nd Half 2014 US Mobile Network Performance Review

The results are in from the latest summary report from Root Metrics on the state of mobile performance in the US.  Important takeaway: While Verizon and AT&T top the charts, all networks are getting better. We saw improvements across the board in data speed and data reliability, which are fast becoming keys to everyday mobile experience. The biggest improvement stories...

What Causes Dropped Calls for Smart Phones

As we depend more and more on cellular technology, it is important that we understand some of its limitations. If we better understand the reasons for signal fluctuation we can prepare to address these situations. Fortunately, poor signal quality can be improved. Please check out this article on at,

The Internet of Things

In an article posted by Editor Sue Marek, FierceWireless, she writes about making LTE lighter, cheaper and slower. "The Internet of Things is often described as the connecting of everything from smartphones and tablets to cars and appliances to the cellular network so these devices can communicate with each other and improve efficiency through the automation of certain tasks. But...