Tech Tip: Required Minimum Separation

Q: What is the minimum separation between the inside and outside antennae for a Wilson booster?

A: Observing the minimum required separation distance between the two antennae is critical. If the antennae are placed too close to each other, oscillation will occur when each antenna picks up the others’ signal. If that happens, the Wilson booster will automatically shut down as a safeguard measure to protect the cell site.

As a rule, the higher a booster’s maximum gain value, the greater the minimum required separation distance. With adjustable gain boosters, dialing down the gain can reduce the required separation distance. However, it may also reduce the indoor coverage area.

As a reminder, remember to read the instructional manual that comes with each and every Wilson booster kit, as it has detailed instructions regarding the antenna separation needed. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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