Tech tip: What is gain?

Q: I see in the marketing materials of various Wilson boosters there are mentions of ‘gain’ or ‘passband gain’. What is gain and why is it important in a signal booster?

A: Technically, gain is simply the ratio of a booster’s or antenna’s output power relative to its input power. Gain is usually expressed in decibels, which are abbreviated as dB. Of course, the purpose of a signal booster and antenna is to product (or output) more power than comes in (input).

In a practical sense, a gain value represents the relative level of signal enhancement a booster and/or antenna is capable of providing. All factors being equal, a booster with a higher gain value will provide a stronger signal and/or a larger coverage area than one with a lower gain value.

Gain value is only one of the factors that needs to be considered when choosing a booster. If you are unsure whether a particular Wilson booster model meets your requirements, contact us via our live chat feature at the bottom right of the webpage, via e-mail, or call us!


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