Top wireless stories of the week ending in 8/17/2012

Sprint: Ethernet backhaul gives us 20 times more bandwidth: Sprint Nextel’s upgrade of its backhaul network from T1s to Ethernet will create such better efficiency for the company that it will reduce the cost of delivering data, even as consumer demand for data skyrockets. In fact, making the switch to Ethernet backhaul will give Sprint 20 times the bandwidth capacity at a cell site location, said a Sprint executive.

Verizon closer to wrapping LTE blitz as it hits 75% coverage: Verizon Wireless, already the operator with the most LTE customers in the world, is quickly closing in on its goal to replicate its 3G footprint with LTE.

Toll-free data: The technical details, the business model, and the skeptics: During the past six months especially, U.S. wireless carriers have increasingly batted around the concept. The most commonly discussed form of toll-free data would allow users to access a certain kind of content or content from a certain provider without dipping into their monthly bucket of data. In exchange, the content provider–most likely an over-the-top (OTT) player–would pay the carrier directly; strike a revenue-sharing deal with the operator; or form some other business arrangement.

ZTE boast first multi-standard LTE hotspot, USB modem: Chinese telecommunications equipment and mobile devices provider ZTE Corporation is lending a hand in facilitating the adoption of China Mobile’s LTE network with the launch of the world’s first multi-standard USB modem and uFi (hotspot), which support both FD-LTE and TD-LTE networks.

Verizon Wireless gains regulator approval on spectrum deals: To the surprise of few, Verizon Wireless and a handful of cable operators will need to make changes to their current spectrum deal in order to gain government approval.

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