Top wireless stories of the week ending in 8/3/2012

AT&T’s 2G network ending by 2017: AT&T Inc. is shutting down its second-generation , or 2G, wireless networks by 2017 as it continues to upgrade its systems to faster technology and better use its limited airwaves.

Researches expose severe security flaws in Verizon hotspot from ZTE: ZTE’s 890L mobile hotspote device, marketed by Verizon Wireless, has a host of critical security flaws, according to researchers at Lift Security.

T-Mobile pushes hotspots instead of shared data: T-Mobile USA, which has registered its disdain for multi-device service plans offered by rivals, is adding Smith Micro Software’s connection manager to mobile hotspot devices and smartphones it markets in a bit to encourage customers to connect their Wi-Fi devices to T-Mobile’s 3G and 4G networks.

AT&T continues spectrum spree, picks up various 700 MHz, 2.3 GHz licenses: AT&T’s lust for wireless spectrum knows no bounds as the carrier today filed petitions with the Federal Communications Commission seeking various 700 MHz licenses from a handful of small license owners.

T-Mobile: 95% of our backhaul is fiber: T-Mobile’s prescience in deploying fiber to the vast majority of its cell sites over the past five years has given the company’s LTE rollout a significant head start, according to a company executive.

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