Top wireless stories of the week ending in 7/20/2012

AT&T Mobility rolls out shared data plans: Just weeks after Verizon Wireless rolled out its controversial shared data plans, rival and fast follower AT&T Mobility said it will have similar offerings beginning in late August.

Sprint: Clearwire’s LTE will ‘pinpoint’ high-traffic areas: Sprint Nextel’s Iyad Tarazi said the company’s work with Clearwire on LTE will be more efficient and targered than its work with Clearwire on mobile WiMAX.

HLR-driven outages causing network headaches: Recent mobile service interruptions might be a sign of things to come as networks succumb to traffic overloads that disrupt signaling, or they might just reflect the intricacies that can sometimes trip up engineers conducting network tweaks and upgrades.

Rumor: Sprint’s LTE launch perfectly timed for iPhone 5 debut: Sprint Nextel drastically trails the two largest U.S. mobile operators in terms of LTE coverage, but Sprint’s LTE launch, combined with its marketing promise of unlimited data service for smartphones, may have it sitting in the catbird seat over the longer term.

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