Top wireless stories of the week ending in 6/22/2012

Verizon to ‘promptly’ use AWS for LTE: Verizon Wireless will move quickly to use the AWS spectrum it is paying $3.9 billion to acquire from four cable operators, two of its executives told officials from the FCC’s wireless bureau this week.

AT&T Mobility’s spectrum focus turns to 2.3 GHz band; challenges remain: AT&T Mobility’s desire to secure spectrum resources has turned to the 2.3 GHz band, which is currently dominated by satellite radio operator Sirius XM.

FCC may open cell phone radiation inquiry: The FCC is considering opening an investigation into cell phone radiation standards, a controversial issue that has yet to find consensus within the scientific community.

4.9 GHz band could open up for limited commercial use: The FCC is scrutinizing the 4.9 GHz band and is seeking input on efforts to promote greater use of the band, including opening it up for commercial applications and finding ways to complement the nationwide interoperable LTE public-safety safety broadband network currently in development.

Nextel Mexico gears up for Q3 launch of HSPA+: Nll Holdings, which delivers mobile services in Latin America under the Nextel brand, expects to launch its WCDMA/HSPA+ network in Mexico during this year’s third quarter.

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