Top wireless stories of the week ending in 6/15/2012

Brazil’s LTE journey begins; Vivo expected to lead: The first step to a national LTE deployment in Brazil began yesterday with the beginning of spectrum auctions conducted by government regulator Anatel.

Verizon launches ‘Share Everything’ family data plans: Verizon Wireless unveiled its shared data plan pricing, bringing to a close months of speculation about how its plans would be structured and potentially ushering in a new wave of competition over how data plans are priced.

WCDMA voice gets another look as HSPA+ takes off: Both Qualcomm and InToTally are developing methods to make WCDMA voice more efficient so operators can wring out additional spectrum capacity to make room for HSPA and HSPA+ data services.

AT&T’s Stephenson calls for ‘use it or lose it’ provisions on spectrum: AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said the FCC should require spectrum holders to deploy their airwaves more aggressively and should speed up the transfer of spectrum between carriers. He also pushed for federal rules that would allow carriers to more quickly build new cell sites.

Apple adds cellular data support for FaceTime video chatting: Apple said that for the first time, iPhone and iPad users who use its new iOS 6 software will be able to make video calls using its FaceTime service over cellular data connections. Previously, FaceTime had been limited to Wi-Fi connectivity.

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