Top Wireless Stories of the Week

800 MHz Interleaved Channels Could be Available Soon: Highly sought after channels that will become available to public-safety entities as part of the 800 MHz rebanding process could be released by the FCC soon.

Verizon to Expand LTE-based Broadband Service Nationwide: Verizon Wireless is set to expand its recently unveiled HomeFusion Broadband offering nationwide beginning tomorrow. The service relies on the carrier’s LTE network and was initially announced earlier this year.

Backhaul Issues May Slam Small-cell Plans: Backhaul issues are threatening to curtain small-cell deployment, according to a study from research firm iGR. Wireless operators are increasingly turning to small-cell architectures to improve capacity and coverage on their networks and reduce networks costs.

Intel Puts Its Money Where the LTE is: Computer chip kingpin Intel is investing heavily in LTE, buying patents and initiating a collaborative effort on TD-LTE with Huawei.

Could Apple become the world’s biggest handset maker? It’s no secret that Apple is doing well in the smartphone market. The iPhone vendor became the world’s largest smartphone maker in the fourth quarter of last year due to the massive success of its iPhone 4S launch. However, in the first quarter, Apple lost that position to Samsung mainly due to Samsung’s continued strength with its Galaxy line of Android phones.

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