Top Wireless Stories of the Week

Here’s the latest in wireless industry news, ending in the week of April 27th, 2012:

FCC approves AT&T’s AWS spectrum transfer to T-Mobile: AT&T giving some of their spectrum to T-Mobile, could be an improvement for T-Mobile users.

Study: AT&T and T-Mobile are among top networks in speed tests: The HSPA+ network of T-Mobile USA and the LTE Network of AT&T were the nation’s fastest “3G and “4G” networks, respectively, among tier 1 USA carriers.

Rumor: Sprint’s Boost and Virgin units to offer WiMax: Sprint sub brands Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA may finally join the 4G marketing arena as they gain hand-me-down access to the WiMax service Sprint is shifting from, in order to launch their LTE network.

Vodafone launches into global services market with Cable & Wireless purchase: Vodafone says it will pay £1.04 billion (€1.27 billion) in cash to acquire Cable & Wireless Worldwide (C&WW) in a move that will add a UK and worldwide fibre network to its portfolio.

Bill Aims to Put 1755-1780 MHz Band on Auction Block: Rep. Cliff Stearns and Rep Doris Matsui, today unveiled what they’re calling the “Efficient Use of Government Spectrum Act,” which would require the FCC to pair the 1755-1780 and 2155-2180 MHz spectrum blocks, which are already set for auction, for reallocation and auction for commercial wireless use.

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