OpenSignalMaps launches new version of website!

Recently our good friends over at OpenSignalMaps launched a new version of their website at the MWC2012 (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, Spain showcasing a new feature called NetworkRank. Simply put, NetworkRank is a tool that enables consumers to see which network is providing the best service in their area, giving them the opportunity to make smarter decisions when purchasing a new mobile contract.

NetworkRank brings transparency to the opaque world of network coverage, where consumers historically have only been able to make decisions based on limited amounts of data.  Consumers can now use the NetworkRank product on to browse to their area and see a rank of which networks are performing the best in their area. It’s based on a sophisticated algorithm that leverages OpenSignalMaps’ large crowd-sourced data set of network performance information.  The algorithm compares network service across several key indicators such as signal coverage, data speeds, responsiveness and reliability. Consumers can also use the website to see if 4G service is available yet in their area.

For those readers who don’t know who the guys at OpenSignalMaps are, they’re the largest independent evaluator of mobile network performance, with data from over 200 countries.  The data is based on user submitted contributions from over one and a half million downloads of the OpenSignalMaps Android application. The Android application is a dashboard for your signal that helps you find better cell signal nearby, run speed tests, and find open wi-fi hotspots. An application for Apple’s iOS is also in development. OpenSignalMaps, founded in 2010 by four University of Oxford Physics graduates, helps consumers compare cellular networks by building independent coverage maps based on data crowd-sourced from mobile phones. The company has offices in San Francisco, as well as London.

If the information above has sparked an interest and you’d like to check out where the strongest signal strength in your area is, or see where the nearest cell phone tower for your carrier lies, head over to!

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