Two Tri-Band Sleeks for AT&T/Verizon 4G!

Wilson Electronics are releasing two new versions of their massively popular Sleek cradle unit. The exciting about these two units is they are the first tri-band units, so you can cover brand new fast 4G data networks as well as the existing voice/3G network.

The Wilson Sleek 4G-V for Verizon will be the first to be released. It covers the very fast 4G LTE network, giving you even faster data speeds than you are currently getting. It also covers traditional 850MHz/1900MHz bands, which are used for voice and 3G on almost all US networks (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T), except Nextel and T-Mobile (covers voice not 3G).

Later in Q2 2012 will be the Wilson Sleek 4G-A for AT&T. Again it covers AT&T’s brand new LTE network, as well as the 850MHz/1900MHz.

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