Wilson 801265 AG PRO 70 Announced

Wilson Electronics have been adding some really great products to their line up recently. First we had the 841262 – a great amp for 5,000 sq ft homes and offices which quickly became our #2 product. Then came the 801280 – a powerful 80dB amp to cover the very largest areas. Now Wilson have announced the 801265 AG PRO 70, which sits between the other two amplifiers and can cover up to 10,000 sq ft. The range of these three products means that there is a Wilson Electronics amplifier for any situation.

The Wilson 801265 AG PRO is going to be 65dB on the 800MHz band and 70dB on the 1900MHz band. As 800MHz can travel twice the distance the extra dB on the 1900MHz band means that both bands will get the same coverage area. Like many of Wilsons’ recent products the AG PRO 70 is going to be 75 ohm, allowing you to use cheap low-loss satellite coaxial cable you can source locally or buy from us. This gives create flexibility for home installers while keeping costs down.

Available from: end of May!

You can pre-order your 801265 AG PRO amp here, or contact us to be contacted once kit configurations are announced.

801265 AG PRO 70

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