Wilson 801280 AG Pro is available now

Wilson’s new large building amplifier, the 801280 AG PRO, and associated 801280 AG PRO Ultimate kits are now available and are shipping within 24-48 hours!

Combine the AG PRO with external and internal antennas to create the most powerful custom Wilson kits available. External antenna options would be 1 or 2 of the Wilson 304411 dual band yagi antennas or the Wilson 301124 and 301129 individual yagi antennas, each connected with a combiner to provide signal to the 801280 amplifier.

Internally, you would use a single 301121 Dome antenna or 301135 panel antenna or multiple  antennas with a 2 way, 3 way or 4 way splitter. With the 70db gain on the 800 mHz frequency and 75db gain on the 1900 mHz frequency, the AG PRO will cover up to 30,000 square feet of office or warehouse space.

Being dual band, the AG PRO repeater kits work with all carriers 3G signals except T-Mobile 3G and Nextel. The new AG PRO Dual Band Repeater Kit strengthens weak signals, eliminates dropped calls, and speeds up poor data rates.

Repeaterstore.com will create custom kits to fit your exact needs including multiple floors, separate distinct areas that need coverage and very large open warehouse areas that also have  smaller office coverage needs. Contact us today to discuss the potential of the new Wilson 801280 AG PRO repeater kits!

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