Large Building, Multi-floor Repeater Installations has had many successful installations where the building size has exceeded 10,000 sq feet and up to 40,000 square feet! By starting with the Wilson Dual-Band Ultimate II Repeater kit, which uses two 65dB amplifiers (Cellular band #801165, PCS band #801365), this kit provides an internally amplified signal through one, ceiling mounted Panel antenna (#301135). The coverage given by this Panel antenna is usually limited to the floor it is mounted on because it is a directional antenna that shoots a signal down like a sprinkler. When mounted on the 1st floor for example, the ceiling- mounted Panel antenna would not push signal back up to the 2nd & 3rd floors.

So what about the 2nd or 3rd floors?
A splitter (859957) is connected right past the two 65dB amplifiers but before the internal Panel antenna. One side of the splitter continues to the Panel mounted on the 1st floor and the other port of the splitter is run up to the 2nd floor for additional coverage needed there. At this time, however, the signal on the 1st floor is decreased, which means the coverage area on the 1st floor now has gone down. What a dilemma !

A more efficient way to direct the internal signal is to use a “Tap” which is a type of ‘directional’ splitter. A Tap funnels a certain amount of signal through a specific port. A common tap we use in multiple-floor installations is a 6dB/1.5dB Tap (#859906) which directs only 25% of the signal to the 6dB port and the remaining 75% signal through the 1.5dB port. This allows 75% of the remaining signal to be sent on to the 2nd & 3rd floors where it is split evenly using the standard 50/50 splitter (#859957).

At some point, after multiple splits/taps, the signal is degraded and will need to be boosted back up so it can continue down the cable. This is when a Pre-amp (811201 or 812201) should be installed to cover more square footage, for instance, on a 4th or 5th floor. In this example, we would install the pre-amp directly in-line to the cable running up to the 4th & 5th floors. The pre-amp would need AC power, as it is an active amplifier, so plan this installation accordingly. The key to extending the inside coverage to a multi-story building as in this example, is to use Taps (#859906), Splitters (#859957) and Pre-amps (#811201, 812201) as described

Hopefully this description is helpful; please give us a call with your custom installation requirement!

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