Mobile Broadband/DataCard Solution for Wireless USB Modems

A wireless USB modem is designed to receive a Cellular signal and convert that signal into data the computer uses to access the internet. The speed at which a Wireless Broadband card (also known as a USB modem / Mobil Broadband or Aircard) operates is totally dependent on the carriers’ signal. Each carrier tries to provide a good usable signal, but unfortunately many obstacles exist that the carrier cannot overcome: valleys & hills, cement or metal buildings and
most importantly TREES! These obstacles block or hinder the normally adequate signal which results in very slow or sporadic internet service.

Slow access in a 3G service area can be remedied with a Cellular Booster or Repeater kit. A Repeater may be all that is needed to resume 3G speed. Repeater Kits consist of three components:

1) an outside/external antenna

2) an amplifier/repeater

3) an internal antenna that is coupled to the Wireless USB card or MiFi

Solution: Welcome the Wilson Signalboost!

This amplifier kit was originally designed to operate in a vehicle, but with the correct antennas, will work perfectly attached to a USB Broadband modem card in a home environment.

The kit below provides a great solution for a quick home installation or where the external antenna is mounted on a glass window. Cost is affordable at $213.

811210 Signalboost amp with internal patch antenna $169
301103 External 12″ antenna $23
859940 Home Office Kit with AC adapter $21

A more permanent installation using the same SignalBoost amplifier is listed below. This kit uses a permanent external antenna mounted on the roof of a home or building. Cost $272.

811210 Signalboost amp with internal patch antenna $169
301202 External building antenna  $65
951125 20ft RG58 cable from external antenna to amp $21
859903 AC power supply $17

This last kit can be used in a vehicle, although a separate vehicle external antenna is required. Also, a standard Home Repeater Kit starting at $599 would  provide consistent voice calls as well as a stronger and faster USB Data connection. Please contact us to discuss these other options: 800.761.3041

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