Hospital / University Large Building Installations

We have had great success with our Wilson Ultimate II Repeater kits installed in large commercial-grade buildings and hospitals!

Multi-level commercial buildings & hospitals are more likely to have cell phone reception problems because of the newer, robust construction standards used nowadays.  Along with earthquake & tornado standards, and to a greater extent, higher R rating insulation, these factors significantly lower the penetration of cellular signal inside the building. A normally good outside signal will degrade significantly just a few meters inside these types of buildings and a cell phone booster is usually the answer. Also, cellular signals that normally penetrate windows, will not penetrate the new reflective solar tints that are commonly used .

In situations like this, Wilson Ultimate II Repeater kits are installed with excellent results. With just two exterior antennas mounted outside the building, an amplified cellular signal can be distributed throughout the inside.  Multiple interior ‘dome’ antennas are used to spread this signal along hallways, in waiting /break rooms and into lobby areas or cafeterias.   These same Dome antennas are easily installed in the drop ceilings to provide evenly distributed Cellular/PCS signal to the offices, conference rooms, showrooms and warehouses of commercial buildings as well.

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