Wi-Ex YX710 for installers

The Wi-Ex YX710 is a 70dB system released from Wi-Ex for professional installers. The kit features the same amplifier technology used in the zBoost YX510 and YX610, but with a more durable casing. The amplifier is then packaged with the highest gain Wi-Ex external antennas, the 800MHz YX026 and the 1900MHz YX023. The internal antenna is the YX027 9dB panel antenna.

Wi-Ex YX710

The Wi-Ex YX710 will only be sold through professional installation services. We are adding professional installation as a service to Repeaterstore.com over the coming months. At this time we hope to stock the Wi-Ex YX710. If you are comfortable installing electrical equipment, you can try the Wi-Ex YX610 now. The kit is the same as the YX710 – the only difference is the amplifier case and slightly smaller 800MHz antenna.

  • Sina Khanifar says...

    Hi Jose, we no longer offer the YX710 – it was discontinued by Wi-Ex some time ago.

    If you’re looking for a dual band booster, I’d recommend the SureCall Dualforce here: https://www.repeaterstore.com/collections/large-building-kits/products/surecall-enterprise-elite-dualforce

    If you’re looking for a booster that’s also compatible with LTE, I’d recommend the Force5: https://www.repeaterstore.com/collections/large-building-kits/products/surecall-force5

    On August 03, 2015

  • Jose Rivas says...

    Hello, I wanted to know the price of the YX710. And if you had any available.

    On June 16, 2015

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