Wi-Ex zBoost ONE – Zero Installation Repeater Kit!

Love repeaters but hate laying cable and putting up antennas? Well the zBoost ONE could the cellular repeater you’ve been waiting for! The Wi-Ex zBoost ONE (or YX400-P in Wi-Ex’s mysterious language) requires absolutely no installation, save from putting it near a window and switching it on.

Those clever boffins down at Wi-Ex Central have managed to cram the antennas, cable and amplifier into a single, sleek 2lbs unit. This means that to use the Wi-Ex YX400-P zBoost ONE all you need to do is find a window where you currently get a bit of signal. Place the zBoost ONE near the window, switch it on and you instantly have up to 1,200 sq ft of usable signal.

zBoost ONE YX-400

zBoost ONE YX-400


The YX-400-P is designed to work with only the MetroPCS and Sprint Networks. It is not compatible with any other cellular networks.


The Wi-Ex zBoost ONE has only just been announced and we do not currently know when they will be ready to ship. The latest we have heard is around Q4, in time for the holiday period.

Update: The YX400-P has now been released and is available on this page.

Product features

  • No installation – just plug it in and you have coverage
  • Single piece kit – no external antennas, internal antennas or cable
  • 1900MHz PCS band, compatible with T-mobile, Verizon (Texas/Florida only), Sprint, Metro PCS, AT&T (some areas only)
  • Wireless – no connection to your phone needed
  • Good coverage area – cover up to 1,200 sq ft with improved signal
  • Single unit measures just 10″ x 9″ x 3.5″


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