Worldwide Mobile Phone Frequency Database


In collaboration with, our European based sister company, Repeaterstore is proud to announce a new database of worldwide mobile phone frequency information. Now anyone around the world can easily find a suitable repeater to boost their mobile phone signal!

The database has aggregated information on over 200 countries around the world and transformed it into a very simple to use interface. To use the database, you simply select the country you are located in, then select the Service Provider that your mobile phone uses. The database can tell you what frequency that Service Provider operates their network on and will link you directly to the repeaters we have that work on those frequencies.

Try it out
: Repeater Store Worldwide Mobile Phone Frequency Tool

Side Note: In the US, the licensed cell phone frequencies are 800/850MHz and 1900MHz, and all US networks operate somewhere within these bands. For most of the rest of the world however, the Mobile Phone Networks operate on the 900MHz & 1800MHz frequency bands and repeaters must be made especially for those frequencies. You can find these 900/1800MHz repeaters at For standard US 800/1900MHz Repeaters try our Top Cell Phone Repeaters on

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