zBoost zP YX300 from Wireless Extenders now available!

We now have the Wi-Ex zBoost zPersonal YX300 in stock. At just $169, the zBoost YX300 is the cheapest indoor repeater coverage solution currently available. We expect the zBoost zP to introduce repeater products to a larger proportion of the consumer market. The kit is designed for first time users and is extremely easy to install, but the low price and simple design are reflected in the system’s small 6 foot coverage radius.

We have been testing the YX300 in real world situations since we received a test unit from Wi-Ex, and have had very positive results. The performance of the kit depends quite strongly on the signal strength at the window where the unit is installed. With reasonably strong signal at the window, we found that the unit provides significantly improved call coverage and can eliminate dropped calls and voice quality issues. However, we found that it is very important to maintain separation between the window unit and the indoor antenna – the unit oscillates easily and has to be reset each time this happens.

Overall, we recommend the zBoost zP YX300 for users with reception problems and a limited budget, but users who need a larger coverage area should consider installing a larger zBoost YX-510 kit.

A wired version of the zP, called the zBoost zP YX100, is due within the next few months. This will be a wired direct-connect amplifier that will complete Wi-Ex’s low-cost zP repeater line.

For more information and complete specifications visit our zBoost zP YX300 product page.

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