zBoost zPersonal honored at CTIA Wireless 2007

A couple of weeks ago I discussed the zBoost ZPersonal from Wi-Ex. To refresh your memories, it’s the new portable cell phone repeater. Designed to be set up quickly, consumers will be able to move the zPersonal from home to office. Another distinguishing feature is its price. Retailing at $99, it will be the most affordable repeater on the market.

As I said before, we at RepeaterStore are really excited about the new zP. Customers are already asking about availability and we predict it will be one of our most popular models. That’s one reason we were pleased to hear that it was recently honored at the CTIA Wireless Expo 2007.

The zBoost zPersonal was 3rd place winner of the CTIA Emerging Technologies (E-Tech) Award. There’s no doubt that as a cell phone repeater, it is groundbreaking on several levels. Aside from its expected price, it’s also the most portable cell signal amplifier on the market.

We also think that this award is great for the cellular repeater industry in general. It’s great that repeaters are being recognised as groundbreaking technology.

We’re looking into getting a zP here before they’re available to purchase. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to devote a blog post to its power output, coverage area, and more.

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