zBoost YX-200 In-Car Repeater now in stock

The zBoost YX-200 In-Vehicle Repeater has been added to our inventory and is now available through this store.

The YX-200 Repeater from Wireless-Extender is the latest addition to our inventory. This compliments our residential repeaters as it is a solution for those seeking cellular reception in their vehicle. The YX-200 retails for $249 dollars and you can find more detailed information here.

The YX-200 is a wireless repeater so there is no fiddling with cable adapters involved – once you have installed it you can use your mobile phone in the normal way (but with improved reception of course). It is also a dual band repeater so it is compatible with cellular networks on both 800 Mhz and 1900 Mhz frequency bands. In simple terms this means that this cell repeater will work with any network service provider other than Nextel (which uses different technology).

zBoost YX-200 Dual Band In-Car Repeater

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