Demand for In-building Wireless Systems Projected to exceed $16B by 2016

Sales of wireless signal boosters in buildings will grow more than 20% worldwide.  Customer demand is the number one driver according to Tessco.   

Businesses simply can't compete effectively unless they can communicate effectively. "Companies are making real estate investments based on wireless connectivity and bandwidth," says Justin Phillips, Sr. Business Development Executive. 

Another factor causing demand is expansion of the green building industry. Energy-saving windows, metal roofs, trees and shrubs all contribute to weaker signals. Building design enhancements such as steel, glass and concrete will also inhibit RF signals. 

Two types of systems are deployed to improve in-building cell and data signals. These include active and passive repeater systems. Passive systems (coaxial) are the typical solutions for smaller buildings.

DAS solutions are set up in larger building enterprises.  Airports and stadiums and major venues need more complex solutions. 

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