On Demand Wireless Access for Retail Store VIP Customers

Tech-savvy retail store shoppers expect connectivity for their personal cell and data devices. To ensure consistent wall-to-wall wireless customer service, an upscale brand retailer contacted RepeaterStore.com

The client required design and installation of wireless signal booster system. The project specified concealed antenna panels and a directive to ensure AT&T signal boost. Installation required use of Plenum rated cable for horizontal runs.    

Electrical floor plans assist us with the system mapping. The plans allowed our engineer to configure a system model to ensure building coverage.

Our technician visited the site to conduct rooftop signal readings and inspect the building. The inspection confirmed cable placements and hidden antenna locations.

The system installation included 2 Force 5 amplifiers and 8 indoor antennas. The system expanded to 3 amplifiers and 11 indoor antennas. The expansion include signal coverage in the basement office and storage areas. 


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