Wilson Electronics is now weBoost

Hey, who are these weBoost guys anyway?! Earlier this year, Wilson Electronics rebranded. They are now weBoost.


LAS VEGAS – Jan. 6, 2015 – Wilson Electronics, global leader in cellular signal booster sales, is now weBoost® (www.weboost.com). The company revealed the new brand name and unveiled a new logo with its presence at 2015 International CES.

The new brand name reflects the essential role and business purpose of the Wilson Electronics signal booster products and carries forward, through the inclusion of “we,” both the legacy of many years of industry leadership by Wilson Electronics and a stronger connection with consumers through the implicit and shared meaning of “we.” weBoost will be known as the brand with signal booster product solutions that underpin the value we bring to our global customers as reflected in the statement that “we boost connections.”


We thought it was worth a mention as so many of our old blog posts mention “Wilson”. Going forward, if we’re talking about weBoost, we’re talking about Wilson!

You can find our full range of weBoost kits and accessories here.

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