SureCall launches new Fusion5X

SureCall has just announced their latest signal booster kit, the Fusion5X.

The Fusion5X boosts 2G/3G/4G/LTE voice and data on all major US and Canadian carriers. It's designed to fill the gap between the very popular Fusion5s and Force5 kits. The Fusion5X offers coverage up to 20,000 sq ft, placing it conveniently between SureCall’s Fusion5s (which covers up to 6,000 sq ft and is an excellent choice for home owners) and the SureCall Force5 (which covers up to 25,000 sq ft and is a great commercial grade solution).

It’s the first SureCall amplifier that does not have attenuation knobs. Installers no longer need to adjust gain manually. Instead, sophisticated internal software automatically optimizes gain ensuring the Fusion5X is always operating at maximum performance.

The kit comes with four indoor antennas. Four antennas gives customers the flexibility to customize installations to meet a variety of needs in commercial buildings and large homes. There’s a choice of either dome omnidirectional ceiling antennas, or directional panel antennas, so you can decide based on your building layout and desired coverage area which would suit you best.

Between the automatic gain adjustment and easily customized layout, this is a really installer-friendly kit. We expect it to be just as popular as the Fusion5s and Force5.

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