Causes of bad cell signal (and can a repeater help?)

The majority of our customers visit RepeaterStore looking for a solution to their own, very specialized, cell signal problems. A common situation is a home or office with few or no signal bars and frequently dropped calls. Whether or not a repeater can help in this situation depends on the cause of the problem – [...]

RepeaterStore to carry Wilson amplifiers

RepeaterStore is pleased to announce that it will be carrying Wilson amplifiers and accessories. Wilson is one of the longest established companies in the market. Their products are considered among the best quality available and we are delighted to have them in our catalog. The inclusion of Wilson products means a significant expansion of our [...]’s new blog goes live

Welcome to’s new weblog! Brought to you by RepeaterStore’s Triona, it replaces the old ‘news’ section of the website. Updates will focus not only on improvements to the site, changes to our product range, and press releases but will also include comment and analysis of developments in the cellular repeater industry. We hope to [...]

zBoost YX-200 In-Car Repeater now in stock

The zBoost YX-200 In-Vehicle Repeater has been added to our inventory and is now available through this store. The YX-200 Repeater from Wireless-Extender is the latest addition to our inventory. This compliments our residential repeaters as it is a solution for those seeking cellular reception in their vehicle. The YX-200 retails for $249 dollars and [...] is launched

Our website has officially been launched and is operational. We provide information and insight into cellular repeaters and the repeater industry and sell a range of cellular repeaters and related products. Our website sells a variety of repeater products for home/small office use and we are in the process of adding in-vehicle repeaters, direct connect [...]