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Having trouble with dropped calls on AT&T? Wherever you have bad cell signal, from a small city apartment to a large luxury home, a rural office or an industrial warehouse, there's an AT&T signal booster kit here that can help.

Cel-Fi PRO for AT&T

AT&T i
AT&T i
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AT&T frequency information

AT&T 2G/3G frequency boosters

For 2G and 3G service AT&T uses a mix of the 850MHz and 1900MHz blocks. These are the same frequency blocks used by almost all US and Canadian networks, so almost any of our kits will boost these signals. A repeater that works on these frequencies is called "dual band", and so any "dual band" repeater you see on RepeaterStore will boost most voice, 2G and 3G in the US and Canada.

AT&T 4G LTE boosters

For 4G LTE AT&T primarily uses the 700 MHz LowerB/C Block. All of our repeaters marked as compatible with AT&T 4G operate on this frequency range - to filter and just see these products, you can click here. AT&T currently uses this frequency for super-fast 4G data, while voice, 2G and 3G continues to run on the "dual band" frequencies of 850/1900MHz.

About AT&T

AT&T is the second largest cell phone network operator in the US with over 130 million subscribers. AT&T was formerly known as Cingular. A signal booster for AT&T can help people with zero, bad or not great signal in their home, office, or vehicle. A signal booster from RepeaterStore can help you eliminate dropped calls, improve poor voice quality and increase slow 3G and 4G LTE data speeds.