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Reception Improve reception and eliminate dropped calls.
Download speeds Increase data speed transmissions.
Battery Extend battery life.
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SureCall FORCE-5 FCC Compliant Kits Now Shipping!

Boost cell coverage in offices and homes up to 20,000 sq.ft.

Complete 4G in-building amplifier solution.
Boost signal on every U.S. and Canadian network.


FlexPro 3G Kits for Reliable Signal Amplification.

Complete in-building amplifier solution.

Covers all U.S. networks up to 6,000 square feet.
Perfect for business professionals and SOHO applications.

About our products and services:

If you are experiencing weak cell signal coverage in your home or building a signal booster or repeater system will improve reception, eliminate dropped calls and extend battery power. A signal booster kit includes an outside antenna, amplifier and indoor antenna and telecommunications grade cable. The equipment is interconnected to provide wireless signal coverage throughout a building or specific area.

Consumer grade repeater systems are sold as complete kit solutions and can be installed by do-it- yourselfers or contracted installer. Choose your system based on the carrier signal or frequencies you would like to amplify. Multiply the length and width of the home or building space to determine the square footage of the desired coverage area up to 15,000 sq. ft.

Commercial grade signal booster systems are also sold as kits or configured to deliver coverage for multiple users in building spaces over 15,000 sq. ft. Building materials such as glass, concrete and metal can also effect signal transmission and may require a custom repeater design solution.

A custom repeater solution is based on amplifying outdoor signal reception and transmission as measured in decibels (dBs). The solution is configured based on signal dB gain/loss calculation for balanced signal coverage and ensures against oscillation or overload to the cell tower. The system is also designed to meet FCC compliance with the carriers. specializes in configuring custom building repeater solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial building enterprises up to 500,000 sq. ft. Our process is simple and includes:

  • Signal booster coverage assessment to determine customer requirements
  • Custom system configuration and equipment quote
  • On-site survey to measure signal strengths and system audit
  • Determine if special tools, equipment or materials will be required for the installation
  • Install and deploy the system, test and ensure signal transmission compliance
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How a cell phone repeater works:

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